Sports Tourism

Sustainable tourism ensures that tourist attraction sites and activities are preserved being maintained for current as well as future generations.

We support and encourage diverse sports travel experiences for both spectators and participants, acknowledging the importance of embracing fitness and as such, majority of our activities are outdoors.

We have been hosting an annual Road bicycle competition dubbed Aberdare C70 Madaraka Road Biking Challenge since 2015 and it happens every 1st of June except in 2020 due to the countrywide lock-down due to the Covid19 pandemic.

We also support diverse sports touristic activities like Mountain Bike Gravel Rides, Running, Duathlons, as well as Marathons by hosting the events at our Murang'a countryside lodge, attending and sponsoring sports events fully or partially, and sponsoring sports professionals who participate in sporting activities.

The hidden gem of Murang'a

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